Superficial Radiation Therapy For Skin Cancer

superficial radiation therapy

Superficial radiation therapy can be extremely helpful if you have skin cancer. It is also an option that doesn’t require you to go to a cold and isolating hospital or deal with unfeeling nurses. This therapy is something that can be done in a  dermatological office, as long as it has the equipment. And these days the machines are smaller and more portable. They are also more accessible. This means that you are more likely to be able to receive the care you need and want. It will even be closer to home than you thought. You just have to find someone that you are comfortable within your area. But, that can also be hard. You can read more about it here.

Superficial Radiation Therapy

Superficial Radiation Therapy is something that has gained favor and lost it over the years. It is a method used to treat non-melanoma skin cancers, which are basal and squamous cell cancers. These cancers tend to arise after years and years of tanning or sun exposure. However, it is only for NMSCs; not melanoma skin cancers. Those are the most deadly form and require different treatments. If you are not sure which you have, you need to speak to a doctor or let your specialist know before Superficial Radiation Treatment. The therapy, like many medical advances, has come a long way over the years. That means that the machines that they use for the process are small enough to be portable and used in any office. No more hospital visits necessary!


The process of Superficial Radiation Therapy isn’t a long or complicated one. You are given very focused small doses of radiation that doesn’t go passed our skin. These doses are low levels of radiation that only last about thirty seconds. This treatment is usually recommended to be about a couple of times a week, for a few weeks. You will be in good hands, with a dermatologist or specialist who has training and certification in using Skin Radiation Therapy. There is no anesthesia, no incisions and there are rarely side effects.  You are seeking treatment for skin cancer; your life is hard enough already. Doing something that is comfortable and non-invasive can be just the treatment you need. This not only means less stress but an easier experience. In some cases, it can almost feel like a visit to a spa or to see friends, instead of an office.


Currently, Mohs surgery has preference to Superficial Radiation Therapy. This is because it is faster and removes all of the affected cells. However, it is also incredibly expensive and can be fairly invasive. Skin Radiation Therapy is neither. It doesn’t require any incisions, and it is much cheaper than the surgery is. While it might take a few more visits and a little more time, it is also a bit easier to target the affected cells. There are cases where Mohs surgery was required more than once because some cells were missed or found later. Because Skin Radiation Therapy focuses on the cells that go through assessment as you go along, this isn’t a problem. It is something that you will probably be able to find in a comfortable dermatology office near you.  And that is the kind of experience you need in these situations.


Redness and soreness are the major negatives for Skin Radiation Therapy. There will be a bit of inconvenience in time and investment, but it will be worth it to take care of your skin and get it the attention it needs. We often forget that our skin is an organ. It needs just as much care as any other organ might, and often that care requires a little more effort. This is mainly because it is the organ that protects us the most. After all, it’s the one that envelops our entire bodies and holds all of the other organs.

Ultimately, Skin Radiation Therapy is a great option for anyone with non-melanoma skin cancer. Whether or not it is right for you is something you will want to talk to your dermatologist about. Finding one who is familiar with Skin Radiation Therapy is essential. They need to be certified in the treatment and know its limitations. This isn’t the time to go with the cheapest option, just because it was the cheapest. You are still able to find someone who knows what they are doing and isn’t going to take the bank. This process doesn’t have to be a hard one or one that is going to put you through the ringer. It is possible to avoid the hospitals and go to an office that will make you comfortable. You can find a dermatologist and staff that will feel nurturing and kind. Skin Radiation Therapy can be a softer solution to a harsh problem.  You can start your search here.