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People get tattoos for many reasons, as a sign of commitment to a friend, membership in a group, peer pressure or simply because you’re young and carefree. In the course of a lifetime, these commitments and the groups we belong to change and along with it the markings we choose to score our bodies with. It’s not uncommon to regret a tattoo your got ten years ago and now wish was removed. At Hecker Dermatology, we offer laser tattoo removal options to undo what you thought was permanently done.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is the only real hope of improvement without scarring. Before the introduction of laser removal, attempts included sanding, cutting, burning and microdermabrasion. However, these techniques were painful, damaging to the skin and left permanent scarring. It was also impossible to remove certain color inks.

Lasers are a completely different story, Tattoo removal lasers work by using an intense beam of light to break down the ink particles at the dermis level. Once the ink particles are broken down, the body is then able to distinguish the foreign matter in the skin and remove ink particles with its own natural cleansing systems. The tattoo gradually fades over the following weeks. It generally takes a couple treatments to fully remove the tattoo, with the exact number differing dependant on size, placement, color and application.

Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare

Caring for your fading tattoo is actually pretty easy. A healing ointment and bandage is applied to the area directly after removal for protection. Leave the bandage on for at least an hour. It’s common for the area to lightly blister and is best if the skin is kept clean and dry that day. Do not soak or shower until the following day. While the skin heals, do not scrub, prod or otherwise touch the area except to apply healing ointment. Keep the area covered at all times when in the sun to prevent scarring. There may be a bit of itching and discomfort at this time which is normal, but if the area becomes painful, swells or worsens, call Hecker Dermatology at (954) 783-2323 to have the area examined by a dermatologist.

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